2007 Principal's Report EIiot River Elementary School

Programs and Activities

We have had a great start to the year. We have enrolled many new students and more are coming. We continue to be very active with many extra activies happening in Phys Ed and Music Clubs will be getting off the ground and we are introducing a new club this year called "Word Wizard". This will prepare students for the Can West Spelling Bee in the Spring. Early morning sports will begin mid November.
Two grade 6 teachers are piloting a new Math program. There is also a Math pilot at the Grade 5 French Immersion level. All our teachers have attended a one day workshop which concentrated on doing Mental Math with our students. A new grade 6 Social Studies program will be implemented, with in services beginning in January.
Parent teacher conferences were very well attended. It is always a wonderful opportunity to discuss ways in which we can best meet the needs of students. Report cards will be going home December 13.


Shemla McIsaac has been hired as bus driver for Bus44. New staff this year include Margo Gallant and Rachael MacLeod, Core French teachers; Glen Gallant, mat leave for Cheryl Murphy and Bryan Bradley, mat leave for Amy MacMillan-Dallaire. Nicole Simpson has been hired as French Monitor and works between Westwood and Eliot River.
We welcome Beryl Diamond back as part time Administrative Assistant.

Fund raising Activities

Light Bulb sales went well. Each school still has some.
Scream park was a successful event, with over twelve hundred visitors. We cleared around $3600 which will go toward school programs and events.
Coupon books will be sold in November. Forms will be sent home with students on November 6 and returned on the 14th and 15th. The books will be sent home on Friday, November 16.
Our Christmas craft fair will be on Dec. 1st. Planning is in progress and we invite parents to become involved, particularly in coordinating children's activities for that day.
On the subject of class sizes:
I realize that this will be a subject to be addressed tonight and would like to be there personally to speak to it. I want to assure you that we will do our best at the school to bring the class sizes down in the future as we will continue to request a larger staff compliment. We are given an allotted number by our school board, who are in turn given a dollar allotment by our government.
School Raised funds
We are hoping that the fundraising initiatives will help us out with expenses in the following areas:
Cost of the DARE program Additional Phonic Ear Systems
Books and materials for the library and resource program. Replacement of Audio Visual equipment
Materials and equipment to support specialist programs

School Development

We are in the second year of our School Development Plan; the essence of which will be explained to you tonight in our presentation.
We are encouraging parents to receive their Eliot River News through email if possible. This cuts down on a lot of paper. Also, many teachers are blogging and you can check on line for happenings in you child's class by going to www.edublogs.org and typing in the teacher's name.
In closing, I want to thank you, the parents, for continued support. We have a wonderful school community and hope that we see many of you in the school. We can always use extra hands, particularly for the continuation of the breakfast and lunch programs.
Respectfully submitted
Anita Murphy Principal