2007 Principal's Report Westwood Primary

This year we have some returning staff and several new staff members: returning from leave is Jennifer Kelly, grade 1 teacher. New staff includes Clodagh Peverly who is with us 30% and works with students in the area of reading and math; phys ed teacher Jacki Ross; Tina Baglole, grade 3 teacher from the Western School Board who is on an exchange with Terry Couture; Educational Assistants Lise Thompson, Shannon Ward, Jennifer Jenkins, Angela Smith (although Angela was here before); bus driver Shemlah Tawil MacIsaac, and myself, Charlotte Bryand, as principal. On leave this year until the end of June is Nicole Hazlewood-McGee. Our evening custodian, Louis Flood, will be leaving us on Monday to work at Charlottetown Rural. We wish him the best.

We have two pre-service teachers this fall, Nana Puiia who is with Vickie Ward and the 3B class and Amanda MacAleer who is with Dora Burger and the 3C class.In addition, we will have two more pre-service teachers coming from UPEI when they are permitted to come into the schools. We have four Bluefield High co-op students who work with three of our classes and the phys Ed teacher each morning as part of their school program. Eleanor Anderson, Speech Language Pathologist, works with our students each Tuesday.

We have a total of nineteen classes this year; seven grade 1 classes (five English and two French); six grade two (four English and two French); and six grade three (four English and two French). Westwood has 29.05 teaching staff this year; .7 of this is a pilot position that the ESD has given us for the year in the area of special education because we have such a large number of special needs children. We have 13 Educational Assistants; one full and one part-time secretary, one custodian and two cleaners.

Finally, we have a total of 14 bus drivers who safely transport our students daily.We have a number of teachers who sit on either district level or provincial professional committees. They are: Shelley Lamphier Flood who sits on a Classroom Composition Committee); Pam Sweetapple who sits on the Gr 1 French Immersion Language Arts Curriculum Committee and on the French Levelling Texts Committee; Dora Burger who is the Eastern School District's teacher rep on the Department of Education's Primary Literacy Assessment Working Committee; and I am the Eastern School District's principal representative on the Classroom Composition Committee. In terms of programming, this year is the first year of implementation for the grade 1 language arts Literacy Places program and the grade 3 French Immersion mathematics program.We have some great things happening in our phys ed program this year. Jacki Ross has scheduled intramurals for all grades and she has organized after school extra curricular programs for various seasonal sports for our grade 3's.

For the first year ever, Westwood students participated in both the zone and provincial cross country meets. Our grade 3's also enjoyed a sports fair that was held at the CARl Pool in early October. On Halloween afternoon, Jacki organized a fall frolic for all grades. Students rotated between stations set up around the school. yard that were manned by teachers and completed fun activities at each of them.Thanks to Sidney MacCallum and Jacki Ross, we have numerous four square and hopscotch games, as well as hockey nets painted on the asphalt areas which keep the children busy at playing games at recess and playtime.We are fortunate to have a French Monitor, Nicole Simpson, with us on days 2, 4, and 6 to work with our French Immersion teachers and students. Carolyn Doyle is back with us the breakfast program coordinator. Once again we have numerous volunteers who come to the school regularly to read with our students, to assist in the library, and to assist in our breakfast program.

Light Bulb sales went very well; thanks to the Home and School executive for co-coordinating this fund-raising initiative between the two schools. I believe we made in the vicinity of $4000 per school. Some bulbs are still available at both of the schools.Westwood, like Eliot River, is in its second year of school development. This is an invigorating process for staff, students, and I think, the community. Our school development co-chairs are present tonight and will explain our plan to you. Along with Eliot River, we have been granted two additional staff development days by the Department of Education and we are looking at taking them on January 7h and February 1st. We looked at a variety of dates but felt collectively that these days, one at the end of a holiday and one during a major Island hockey tournament (theSpud), would prove to be least disruptive to families. We enjoyed a great turnout for parent teacher interviews last week. Reports go home Nov. 14th. We made about a $2600 profit from the book fair that took place all last week. Madame Wanda and last year's 3E class were invited to show their ArtsSmarts Project in the National Arts Smarts Exhibit at theConfederation Centre in October. We send our newsletter home every second Wednesday; the next one will go out on November 14th.

We do look forward to introducing a primary DARE program. We encourage your participation in our school. If you would like to come along as a volunteer, you are more than welcome, please just contact us in the office.On a personal note, as a principal new to this school and community, I have appreciated the welcoming support of staff, students, parents, and the Home and School Executive. I have also more than appreciated the support shown me by our vice principal, Stewart Darrach, and the Eliot River administrative team of Anita Murphy and Donnie MacFayden. You have all made me feel welcome and I am proud to be part of this school community.

Respectfully submitted,
Charlotte Bryand
Principal, Westwood Primary