During the 2014/15 school year, the Eliot River Home and School Association:
  • organized a rally to express disapproval of the reduction of teaching staff at Eliot River (June 2015);
  • worked with the H&S Associations from the Bluefield family of schools to organize an all-candidates forum on education before the provincial election;
  • set up an information session with ELSB representative to discuss funding for schools and class size;
  • organized a "Having Fun with Math at Home and School" session.

When requested or needed, it has also purchased or helped purchase items not funded in the school's budget such as:
  • playground equipment,
  • FM sound field systems,
  • physical education equipment,
  • reading materials,
  • LCD projectors.

In addition to reacting to the current education environment and needs, the Eliot River Home and School Association makes sure that staff and personnel of the school are recognized during staff appreciation week and at the time of retirement.

If there is a particular topic that interests you or if you have an idea for an event, please share it with us at: