Jan. 19, 2016 ERES H&S meeting

1) Principal’s report
Some of the monies collected from the BOGO booklets went to:
20 IPads and storage container purchased as a mobile computer lab
A new much larger oven for the kitchen to help with cooking of lunches
Update the literacy lab for staff and students

As part of the healthy lunch program, for the month of February, grade 4 will be offered grilled cheese sandwich, offering other grades later.
Feb. 2nd is school effectiveness day; morning will be focused on math and afternoon literacy - in accordance to the school’s Smart Goals.
There was review of outdoor supervision. Staff have been moved to different areas and the forts have been closed off in the woods by the back soccer field.
Under feedback a question was brought up on whether there is a certain expectation of contact between parents and teachers. One year it was very little and the next a lot. There was acknowledgement that teachers have different ways of communicating blogs, emails, agendas and that it will be brought up at the next staff meeting.

2) Treasurer report was read by Laura and there is a balance of $747.20. Norma brought up maybe doing “best seats in the house” for the Spring Fling since it is being held at Holland College and there won’t be theater seating. More discussion on that as the time draws near.
Expenses that are in the future are at least 1 retirement and Teacher Appreciation Night.

3) Ricardo Angel is the parent representative for the family council of the Bluefield family of schools. He spoke of the positive attitude of Minister of Education Doug Currie and looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

4) Evening at Eliot River for parents and students on Empathy and Kindness. Looking into Feb. dates.
Anxiety and coping presented by two nursing graduates
Positive Parenting : Peter Mutch and Family Life.
Laura is checking on dates and length.

5) Staff Appreciation is 14-20th. A voluntary sign up will be done through the web and parents can sign up for treats.

H&S will also pick up draws for gift cards etc. for each day.

6) April 9th is the annual PEI H&S meeting. It will include workshops, resolutions will be discussed (ERE can make one as well). Up to 5 people can go. Let Laura or Kara know if you’re interested. Food will be there!

7) April 5th is our next meeting