Eliot River Home and School
November 17, 2015

Present: Kara Smith, Laura Hagen-Grant, Amy MacFarlane, Cheryl Murphy, Daren Ford, Ross McDermott
Regrets: Jennifer Bowness, Norma Vickerson, Liz Rostant, Melissa Rommens

Principal’s Report
Mr. McDermott reviewed the school’s activities including the Provincial Assessment results. The school improved in most areas and will continue to use the results to help to determine school effectiveness goals. More information http://www.gov.pe.ca/eecd/studentassessment. The Scream Park was a success raising money for both the Breakfast Program and Athletics at the school. The Breakfast program has 243 participants each day and is running well. The whole school will be attending Aladdin at Confederation Centre of the Arts on December 16. Pitas have been introduced to the menu at the school in response to the ERE Family Survey and have had a good response. Uptake on on-line interview scheduling has been good and the Christmas concert is December 15 (storm date Dec 17).

Treasurer’s Report
A cheque for $327 was submitted to ERE Home and School as a result of individual contributions as part of the United Way payroll deduction program. The Best Seats in the House fundraiser will be repeated for the Christmas Concert this year with two winners. Laura will make the tickets and Kara will distribute. Cheryl will provide Kara with a list of Grade 4 classroom sizes and teachers. Darren will add a note to the school lunch website for people to buy tickets that way as well. Laura will send details.

ERE Family Survey
An excellent response to the survey as 156 individuals took the time to answer! Mr. McDermott has looked at all the responses and addressed some of the issues already. Some other comments included improved communication about H&S meetings, the executive will continue to send out reminders and agendas in advance of upcoming meetings. The two biggest issues families want addressed are Class size and Bullying. The executive sent a letter in October to stakeholders expressing concern over funding levels for the school and reduced resources. There was a lot of discussion around hosting an event on the topic of bullying at the school that involved students and parents and had a positive spin on it around empathy and kindness rather than bullying. This will be brought back to staff and further discussion will occur at the January 19th H&S meeting.

New Education Format on PEI
Each Home and School Association has been asked to name a representative to the new Family of Schools District Advisory Council. A call will be put out to all parents at Eliot River to determine a representative and if need be, a vote will be held in January to determine the rep for the school. More information here http://www.gov.pe.ca/eecd/learning-partnership.

School Facebook page has been altered to follow privacy laws and Ricardo will chat with Melissa about H&S’s Facebook page.

Extra Mile Award Nominations
Nominations are due January 15 and it was suggested Mark MacDougall could be nominated. Ross and Cheryl will follow-up with information and Kara will assemble the nomination.

Next Meeting
January 19, 2016